How to apply a style to a especific window?

Hello, first of all, i’m new in the forum and with fvwm, i’m doing my first configuration, and i think that i need a function to do what i want to do, if i’m wrong and this post goes in another forum, sorry.

Ok, what i want to do, is to execute an Eterm at start, with no title (!title), but i only want to have the style on that instance of Eterm (i want the rest of the Eterm executed during my session with normal title bar).

i’ll be very pleased if anyone could help me, thanks.

Check in man of eterm how to set the name of term, -t or something
then use Style foo NoTitle

Thank you, it worked, i’ve done the following

AddToFunc StartFunction
+ I FuncEterm

DestroyFunc FuncEterm
AddToFunc FuncEterm
+ I Exec exec Eterm --name inicio --scrollbar=no --buttonbar=no --geometry 60x20-0-35
Style inicio !Title, !Borders, WindowListSkip

And now i’m investigating the way to have that Eterm instance closed every time y restart fvwm, because if not, i have a new instace every time i restart plus the old instances. If any one have a clue (i posted this before in a wrong post, sorry again), i’ll be very pleased.

AddToFunc StartFunction I Test (Restart) None (inicio) FuncEterm

– Thomas Adam

It workwed, thank you very much, i’m near to end a first version of my config, and publish it, is not much complex, but i think is functional, a electric blue wm for the long nights coding.