how to bind double-click event?

i would like to roll up the window while double click on the title, but it seems that no such definition in the man page,

Mouse ? T A WindowShade

it says only mouse button 1-5 can be bind here including the wheel, but what if the double-click?

and besides that, i found whenever i minimize any window, an icon appears at top left of the screen with a label below, its a behavior that i have not seen before, what’s that and how to turn it off?

i could not make the taskbar show the date

*FvwmTaskBar: DateFormat “%b %d, %Y”

i typed something like that above, but no luck, it just show the time.
how can i make that or just get rid of the time from taskbar?

i am new to fvwm , and thanks alot in advance.


you have to bind it to a function like this:

DestroyFunc winWindowShadeToggle
AddToFunc winWindowShadeToggle
+ I ThisWindow (Shaded) WindowShade False
+ I TestRc (Match) Break 1                                                   
+ I ThisWindow (!Shaded) WindowShade True
AddToFunc winWindowSTOrMove
DestroyFunc winWindowSTOrMove
+ M Move
+ D winWindowShadeToggle

Mouse 1        T        A           winWindowSTOrMove

this function let you move the window and upon double-click toggles shading.

use Style * NoIcon

i don’t use the taskbar. so i can’t help you[/code]

thanks a lot, they all work very well.

best regards