How to center text in FvwmIconMan?

I hacked the FvwmButtons Rightpanel from the default configuration. I’m liking the way it looks, but I’d really like the text to be centered. It appears that the icon image is centered but the text aligns along the top. It’s the same case for the 2 ‘xterm’ listings above (without icons).

Is there a way to center the text or add padding around it?

Looking through the manpage for FvwmIconMan, I don’t see an option for text alignment. You can double check the manpage yourself to see if I overlooked it.

I already checked the man page before posting. I guess FvwmIconMan isn’t as configurable as Fvwm.

I’m curious of why the text doesn’t move left more when I use DrawIcons: False ? It keeps the same spacing.

Ok it looks like the spacing is off for any XFT fonts. Not using XFT seems to center the text properly.