How to contribute to Fvwm ?

Hello !

I really like this window manager and i would like to contribute in order to improve this wm in general. I think it’s pity that there isn’t something like that for Fvwm :

I don’t know any languages (only php but it’s useless for fvwm…) but i can learn and why don’t translate documentation in others languages ? I try to contribute as i can with my website : (inaccessible for the moment due to a problem with the host) but it isn’t enough to my mind. I can translate some documentation in French, and include it in the official site (like in

What do you think about it ? If some devs are here, can they explain me what language i have to learn (i suppose perl) and what stuff could i do. Thanks.

It depends what you want to contribute. You don’t have to be a programmer to do so, since there’s always documentation and general user-support that needs doing.

If, though, you wanted to do something programmatically for FVWM, then you have some possibilities – but ultimately, signing-up and asking on the fvwm-workers mailing-list, is what you should do.

FVWM is written in C, and binds to Xlib. Unless you know a lot about C (and Xlib) things might be difficult. But that’s really the core of FVWM. As far as additional features are concerned, you could indeed write modules. Currenetly, there’s APIs in C and Perl (officially) that allow you to do this. A case in point is ‘FvwmTabs’ – this was written using perl-lib. So it’s certainly something to think about.

The other thing you have to be aware of is whether you’re willing to maintain things in CVS, assuming it is accepted. But then there’s got to be a nice user-base prior to that happening.

– Thomas Adam

I see that my topic likes travel :slight_smile:

I’ve subscribed to the fvwm-workers list. Thank for your help.