How to display buttons on title?

Hi, I start my fvwm from a null rc file, and there is not any buttons on the windows’ title. I have tried ‘Style * Button xxxxxxx’ , “ButtonStyle xxxx”,But it can’t work yet :frowning:

How can I make them displayed?

BTW. How to make a window ‘un-resizable’? It seems that FixedSize option in Style command can’t work?


You have to bind the buttons to an action, i.e.:

Mouse 1 1 A N Nop

Of course it does work. How are you using it? Which clients?

– Thomas Adam

Thanks! It works :slight_smile: I finally can see my buttons now…

And for ‘FixedSize’, I just want to make the FvwmPager un-resizable… So I wrote
‘Style “FvwmPager” FixedSize’ in the rc file. Right?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes – but be careful – is FvwmPager being swallowed inside FvwmButtons?

– Thomas Adam

Thanks, but weird…Still can’t work, and now I use ‘Style “FvwmPager” HandleWidth 0’ to walk around …

Now I put the pager at the bottom (Just like a taskbar ) , and if I won’t let those maximized windows hide it, then what should I do?

So many quesitons…:confused:

Use EWMHBaseStruts.

– Thomas Adam

In fact, I have tried this , but maybe my fvwm version is too low?

I got

*FvwmConsole version 2.4.19
EwmhBaseStruts 0 0 0 0
[FVWM][execute_function]: <> No such command ‘EwmhBaseStruts’

But I am not root usr in the server… sigh…

You need to be using FVWM 2.5.24; this explains also why FixedSize wasn’t working for the FvwmPager.

– Thomas Adam

So do you mean there is not any substitution in 2.4.19 to inplement this? I am afraid I have no permission to update FVWM in the server …

So get permission…

– Thomas Adam

:confused: Not easy…

Then there’s nothing anyone can do. FVWM 2.4.X doesn’t support the features you want.

Here, have a lemon…

– Thomas Adam

Thanks, seems I must change my desktop’s style:)