How to have stalonetray grow/steal space from FvwmIconMan

I made a FvwmButtons called BottomPanel to act as my taskbar. This is what I have so far:

DestroyModuleConfig BottomPanel: * *BottomPanel: Geometry 1024x24+0-0 *BottomPanel: Rows 1 *BottomPanel: Columns 1024 *BottomPanel: (60x1-0+0, Action "Module FvwmButtons Calendar", Swallow "xclock" 'Exec xclock -digital -brief -geometry 60x24 -padding 0 -fn -misc-ipauigothic-medium-r-normal--17-120-100-100-p-166-iso10646-1 &') *BottomPanel: (96x1-33+0, Swallow "FvwmPager" "Module FvwmPager 0 3") *BottomPanel: (Padding 0, 32x1+0+0, Icon 24x24/24desktop.png, Action (Mouse 1) Function ShowDesktop) *BottomPanel: (1024x1, Swallow "FvwmIconMan" "Module FvwmIconMan -geometry x24") *BottomPanel: (x1, Swallow "stalonetray" 'Exec exec stalonetray --geometry 24x24+0+0 --grow-gravity W --ignore-icon-resize true')

Currently, I can make the FvwmIconMan take up all available space by setting its geometry to 1024.

What I’m trying to do is make the stalonetray expand as tray icons are added to it (and shrink as icons are taken away), and cause the FvwmIconMan to shrink (and expand) as necessary. This is so that stalonetray only takes up as much space as it needs, and FvwmIconMan takes up as much leftover space as possible.

Is this doable?

No – FvwmButtons won’t react to client changes and adjust accordingly. You would have to do considerable work for this to happen.

– Thomas Adam