How to hide my ButtonDock with a KeyBinding???

I´m very new to fvwm, so i hope soeone can help me.

I wanna use to make my ButtonDock hide when i middleklick the Desktop. Sois there a function, or something that can handle this?

Something like this :smiley:

Mouse 2 R A <function that hides my ButtonDock>

Perhaps. Have a look at the FAQ, specifically: (]#7.17 – I suspect though you can ignore that in favour of doing:

Style <whatever> !Title, !Borders, Sticky

and then bind a mouse-binding such that:

[code]Mouse 2 R A Function hidebuttons

AddToFunc hidebuttons

  • I All (CurrentDesk, !Transient) ThisWindow (“some_window”) WindowShade toggle[/code]


– Thomas Adam

Thank you thomas.

I found what i was searching for in fvwm-crystal :blush:
I´m using soe other functions of it. very nice and usefull.

Thank you, Thomas. I found your tip with the “search” feature and found it very useful.
Do you know if it’s possible to make a window unhide when a key is pressed and hide when the same key is not pressed?
Let me clarify:
This is the right-bottom corner of my screen:

Now I put this code in my .fvwm2rc:

[code]Key Alt_L A C Function hidebuttons

AddToFunc hidebuttons

  • I All (CurrentDesk, !Transient) ThisWindow (“FvwmPager”) WindowShade SE
  • I All (CurrentDesk, !Transient) ThisWindow (“FvwmWinList”) WindowShade SE

And when I press Ctrl+Alt the FvwmPager and the FvwmWinList show up:

Pressing the same key again, they disappear, and so on.

Is there a way to make them show up when Ctrl+Alt are pressed and disappear when Ctrl+Alt are not pressed?

Franco1 (from Rome)

P.S.: Compliments to the developers of Fvwm. For me it’s one of the three killer applications of Linux.

You’re welcome.

If you mean so that it works when the keys are held down, and then hides when they are released, then no. This was tried for a while, but it was too iffy, and didn’t work. They “KeyUp” / “KeyDown” reaction times are no longer in FVWM.

That said, assuming you’re after a certain delay, you might find the following useful:

Although it doesn’t do exactly what you’re after, alas.


– Thomas Adam

Thanks! I didn’t thought of that solution. It works as good as what I had in mind.
I changed the function in this: