How to iconify all *except* a specified window?

ok guys,

I want to implement a “Show Desktop” option on my FVWM window.

Typing the following in the fvwm console:

all iconify on

Iconifies everything, including FVWMTaskBar. I want to iconify everything else and leave fvwmtaskbar alone. How do I do that?

here is my FVWM screenshot in FreeBSD 5.4: … t-fvwm.jpg

As you can see, I have a perfectly good taskbar :slight_smile:, when I click Show Desktop I want it to stay and all else iconify, like in Winblows 9x.


Style FvwmTaskBar !Iconifiable

– Thomas Adam

Thomas Adam reccomended to use

Style FvwmTaskBar !Iconifiable

I tried that just now, and FVWM said “bad style option: !Iconifiable”

I am using 2.4.19.


Upgrade to 2.5.14

Upgrading and using 2.5.14 is the preferred option, although if you wanted
something that you could use on 2.4.X (it’s still the stable version) is to in
your ShowDesktop function add something like this:

+ I All (CurrentPage,!Iconic,!myWindowName) Iconify

– Thomas Adam

ah, ok,

all (!FvwmTaskBar) iconify

Seemed to work!



Well, that will work – it depends what it is you want to happen. You mentioned you wanted a “Show Desktop” feature. I assume you haved a desktopsize > 1 – most do. Using your line as you have it, will iconify everything (or deiconify it, dependin on the state of the window). You should seriously revisit some of the examples I posted, should you get erroneous, or unexpected results.

– Thomas Adam

Hi Guys,

(I use thumbnails, without icons for the moment)
When you do Iconify All, if the thumbnail is not done on the window (at least once), we’ll get an Icon instead of Thumbnail

I tried :

all thumbnail on

Then, I get all thumbnails => windows and all windows ====> thumbnails (like a massive inverting …)

Would you have some idea if it’s possible to thumbnail all ?

Greetings & Thank you,


I don’t understand a word you’re asking. Please could you rephrase your question?

– Thomas Adam

I am sorry, I am soo good in English, 'cos it’s not my native langage …,but I am progressign day after day.

yes, I entered in my config:

Style gdesklets-daemon !Iconifiable

and in the binding:

Key M  A   M   all iconify on 

When I am starting the pc & fvwm, I directly start rox, and press :
ALT + M, then I get an ICON … :unamused:

I would like to get a thumbnail instead than this icon.

My .fvwm2rc is therefore not correct or I dont know what’s wrong …

Thank you for your help,


Right. You are aware that “All Iconify On” iconifies everything across
pages and desks? I assume this is what you want?

Search these forums for ‘Thumbnail’ – there’s about a dozen different
ways to do it, as well as a way explained in the main FVWM FAQ and the

– Thomas Adam

Thank you,

I’ll try to make it …
I’ll check my thumbnail function in my .fvwm2rc, to make it better …



I suppose that using your thumbnail function instead of “iconify on” would do the trick.