How to list all window managed by fvwm in dynamic menu?


So, something like:




Oh, and next time, do try and be a little more descriptive, hmm?

– Thomas Adam

Yeah, I know, and thanks for your help.
and all window developed by GTK is very ugly, how can config it pretty, and resize the font size? i think, i need a gtk theme, but i don’t know how to do?

You seem to be asking two different things now – and neither of them seem to be related in anyway.

Your first question was asking how to get a list of all windows “managed” by FVWM. You have numerous choices – but for menus, the two aforementioned ones in a previous post will suffice.

Now you’re asking about GTK which has nothing whatsoever to do with FVWM? I don’t follow the logic as to how they’re even related. If the font sizes are screwed for GTK apps (and I am assuming GTK2 here, although the basic principle applies to GTK1), you should edit/create a ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file with something like:

style "user-font"
  font_name="Helvetica 9"
widget_class "*" style "user-font"

If you don’t like the thought of that, look at using a program called ‘gtk-theme-switch2’.

Once again: This currently has nothing to do with FVWM.

– Thomas Adam