How to make a clock appear in the upper left corner?

Each time I start FVWM I would like to have an analoge clock in the upper leftmost corner. How do I accomplish this? Is it something that should be done in the .fvwm2rc file or do I need to do it in some X config file?

Check the program’s options – undoubtedly it has a “-geometry” option. If you position the window where you want it, and use FvwmIdent on that window (FvwmIdent is a Fvwm Module), it will tell you the geometry value. You can then use that to invoke the command:

command -geometry <foo>

– Thomas Adam

What program are you referring to? I would just like to add a clock. I have not got it to appear yet.

Any program will do – there’s lots of clocks, see here. I use Xclock personally. And yes, it as a ‘-geometry’ option.

– Thomas Adam

One of the posters writer that I should use .Xdefaults to edit the xclock, but I still have not got it to appear…where do I write that the xclock should appear on startup??

I would add it to your “StartFunction” in your ~/.fvwm2rc file:

AddToFunc StartFunction I Exec exec xclock -geometry 0x0+878+564

For instance.

– Thomas Adam