How to make my own Pixmaps?

Where do you find you pixmaps that is used for the FvwmIconman and FvwmButtons?

Some of the configs that I have tried has some really nice pimaps for these modules but how do I make them?

I have tried to use the gradient tool in photoshop to make some effects but it does not look well when I apply them to the FvwmButtons and the FvwmIconMan (it seems that you should be very cautions about using white colors and darker colors).

Any hints appreciated!

Fvwm supports 2 types of image files: xpm’s and png’s.

I’ve understood that pixmap is a xpm file, you can make those with a text editor. Try saving a small picture in Gimp as xpm, for instance, and edit with a text editor the resulting file to see what I mean. Or for better “commented” xpm’s, take a look at the icons that come with fvwm.

Then there are png’s, which look nicer as icons. I won’t go into as to why.
I’d guess you are after png icons. You can find them from this forum and gnome-/kde-/ and such (and ofcourse, from the

You might want fvwm to make the gradients for you instead.
for instance. Also in the wiki but it seems it got moved somewhere and I can’t find it right now.