How to make panel as in gnome-2

I’m new user of fvwm, sorry if my question is stupid. I use guide here to understand options. There is info about different number of desktops with different number of pages. But I’d like to make panels as in gnome-2. It was very useful in gnome-2, two panels. First panel below with opened files and second is up with menu, clock and net info. Is it possible to make something like this? In forum I found only suggestion to read config of fvwm-nightshade.

Fvwm provides various modules to build panels and the likes. One main module for building panels is FvwmButtons. You can find info on my guide there. I am trying to port a lot of that over to the wiki and provide examples. The other option is start reading through the FvwmButtons manpage or search for other examples using that.