How to make use of transset to make translucent windows ??

How to make use of transset to make translucent windows ??

transset 0.5

is not working, not giving any transparency to the window …

I just now installed transset-df
and try : transset-df 0.5
not working still …

I entered : write “/usr/bin/transset-df -p -t 0.3” as parameter.
and nothg happens

I guess I am not running the xcompmgr …
(how to?)

Thank you for your help !!


well without starting the xcompmgr neither transset nor transset-df will do anything :smiley:
just open a xterm and write something like

xcompmgr -cCfF -r 8 -t -5 -l -11 -o .8 -D 6 

(i just copied this from the xinitrc from gulivert you should experiment a bit with the options)
then you can start transset 0.5 and click on the window which you want to be translucent

No composite extension…
I think that was the problem in my xorg… we’ll see :slight_smile:
Section “Extensions”
Option “Composite” “Enable”

what kind of driver for your graphics card do you use ??
composite just works with the closed drivers from Nvidia ans ATI ?!

On this computer I have an ati all in wonder
I just added right now the xcomposite stuffs and it worked !!

Thank you for the information and not being unpleasant against linux-newbies in this forum !!

It worked, with :
1/ adding the 3 lines to the xorg
2/ then, in xterm, xcompmgr -c
3// then, transset-df -d 0.3

It’s taking too much resources of my non-installed yet ati card
I’ll try to do so now

Also, the TAVISO type Autohidden console is then not working with
xcompmgr … hmm

(if you have an msn messenger, let me know… )