How to prevent dialogs from getting too large?

Since a recent update of GTK+ 3 on an Arch system, file dialogs open larger than the screen. The issue seems to be related to GDK_SCALE=2, but it worked before the update. See also my bug 779218 on, with screenshot.

Now, as a workaround I specified in my hiwiwi configuration:

+ I Current ("Open*|Save*|* file: ", Transient) ResizeMove 2200p 1400p 472p 79p

This does the trick, but only for transient windows that match the condition [i]"Open*|Save*|* file].

I wonder: Is there a better, more general way to shrink windows that exceed screen dimensions?


Thanks for the suggestion, Adam! However, MaxWindowSize has a couple of disadvantages:

  1. I have windows that I position with ResizeMove, and they should be allowed to be larger than dialog windows. I would prefer to set a maximum default window size, i.e. a window size for new windows. New windows should then be allowed to be scaled up by the user or the machine.
  2. Setting MaxWindowSize doesn’t prevent new windows from being positioned with their title bar outside of the screen, which is also a big usability issue.

MaxWindowSize is a Style option, so you can customize it for every kind of window separately, using appropriate wildcards. As I have understood you, the problem shows up with the file dialog windows of the GTK3 (or GDK?) libraries. Try to “Identify” these Dialogs in different applications and tune your Style statements to cover them all.
If you see the title bar getting off screen, you just have the wrong coordinates.

Thanks for the suggestion. I still prefer the solution that I posted in my question, now a little bit extended:

+ I Current ("Attach*|Open*|Save*|* file: ", Transient) ResizeMove 2200p 1400p 472p 79p

This just sets the initial size of the windows, and the user can increase the size if preferred. Also, the condition here allows matching against Transient.