How to resize when HandleWidth is 0?

So I have started working on a config from scratch with a little push from Nick Fortune posts. I have used Fvwm enough to know what things I like but want tweek a bit more.

Here’s my problem. I finally figured out how to get mock “rounded corners” but to get it looking nice I have to set HandleWidth 0 which means I can’t resize a window by grabbing the corners

Any help with that?

You’re going to have to bind a mouse button or key combination to invoke the following:

Current Resize

Or have a special menu entry which you select from which defines the action of:

Pick Resize

If none of that appeals to you, you could (on resize) turn the handlewidth up slightly. So you bind the following function to a key or mouse action:

DestroyFunc iResize
AddToFunc iResize
+ I Current WindowStyle HandleWidth 5
+ I UpdateStyles
+ I Current Resize
+ I Current WindowStyle HandleWidth 0

It’s a bit silly, I suppose.


– Thomas Adam

Thanks Thomas Adam!

Those are some interesting solutions. I guess you could say that I am a bit stubborn and don’t want to do that. I suppose I will just hope that we will get rounded corners in Fvwm natively…

Do you know why we don’t have rounded corners yet in Fvwm? Is it hard to do? I mean I have no idea as I am not a programmer (yet someday I might)

Thanks for your suggestions. Tomorrow I may try it.


You’re welcome.

Because the developers are busy (at my best guess)… :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam