How to set number of desktops?

I want to set my fvwm up with a single desktop, and six panels, but the only commands I find are for setting up the number and orientation of each desktop. I know I could just not use the others, but it’s a problem with, for example, the pager, which insists on trying to tell me about my other desktops. Even if I remove the desktop labels, I find that if I move anything (a window, perhaps) in front of the pager, it leaves bits of the window copied in the empty space where there would be the other desktops listed, if I were using them.

Surely, there’s a way to set the number of desktops to “1” or something?

You’re mixing two different things here.

See the DesktopSize command (1x1 is what I think you’re referring to).

– Thomas Adam

Argh, yes, I did mix terms there. Sorry. I meant that I know how to set the number of PAGES on a single desktop (which I THINK is the command you mentioned above. Apologies if I’m wrong). What I want to know is, how to set the number of DESKTOPS. Right now, I have three, each with six pages. I want only ONE with six pages on it. When I set 6x1, it gives me THREE desktops, each divided up into ONE row if SIX pages.

Hope that clears it up. Sorry for the mis-type before.

Then I think you’re referring to:


– Thomas Adam