How to set REAL global font

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Style * Font "font-string"

This “global” font setting really confused me. It seems that any Fvwm module is not affected by this setting, Fvwm scripts swallowed by FvwmButtons are not affected either. Thus I have to set fonts many times, which makes it very hard to change fonts.
I also tried Style ** Font "font-string"
but it doesn’t work either.

Do you guys have any good idea? Thanks.

Well, Style lines affect applications for things like window title, and not content. Setting the font on an individual basis in this manner makes sense, for the various Fvwm modules.

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– Thomas Adam

I think it would be a good idea to set a default font via a single command, then render everything based on this font. If necessary, one can easily override this global setting.

That’s what the DefaultFont command is for, you might want to try that one :slight_smile:

It does not affect FvwmScripts and such though as far as I know, but it is a bit cleaner than Style * Font imho.

Nice input, I’m happy again :wink: , Thanks, man.