How to set window style?

I have a simple problem in configuring the window style using fvwm. I don’t need window minimize, maximize and close buttonss for a browser window. I am using the style given below to achive that …

Style Mozilla-bin FixedSize,NoHandles, !Button $[MinMaxButton], !Button $[IconifyButton], !Button $[MenuButton], !Button $[CloseButton]

Now my issue is, all browser windows does not have minimize, maximize and close buttons. as per the document on fvwm site I used the window name instead of window class name, but the fvwm is not even recognizing the style with the window class name. I think I am missing something here. Please help.

Ugh, more pointless use of $[envvars]

What you’re describing is part of your decor, and the fact that you’re seemingly missing:

# MWMButtons makes the maximise button looked depressed when a window is
# maximized.
Style *   MWMButtons

# MWMDecor and MWMFunctions sets various hints on the window that some
# clients use for interactivity with the window manager.
Style *   MWMDecor, MWMFunctions

# Prohibition of other MWMFunctions.
Style *   HintOverride

As far as your decor is concerned you will then have to have this as part of it:

DestroyDecor fDecor
AddToDecor   fDecor
+ ButtonStyle 1 - Clear MWMDecorMenu
+ ButtonStyle 2 - Clear
+ ButtonStyle 2 - Clear MWMDecorMax
+ ButtonStyle 4 - Clear MWMDecorMin

The whole point here is that you’re redefining the existing buttons to fit with your style line above.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks a lot Thomas. I think I could not clearly say my problem. I am able to remove the close/minimize/maximize buttons from the mozilla-browser window. I don’t want to remove buttons from all browser windows. Instead I wanted to remove only from browser windows which has WM_NAME “TEST Application”. If I give the WIN_CLASS in the style it remove button from all mozilla browser windows. I wanted to remove it only for WM_NAME “TEST Application”. As per the FVWM document I can give WM_NAME/WM_CLASS/RESOURCE_STRING but when I give WM_NAME it doesn’t work.

I am using FVWM for the first time. I might not be putting things properly. Sorry for that.

Yes it does – it’s just the WM_NAME is subject to change a lot, so unless it has that name when the window is initially mapped, or restarted, you either won’t get the style you wanted, or it will be removed.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks Thomas. You are correct. When the browser gets loaded the name was something else. Thanks a lot.