How to setup application menu?

i want to know how to setup application menu, e.g. firefox or gedit, in fvwm window manager,thanks.

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I want to know whether you can re-explain that, and tell us what it is you want to do.

– Thomas Adam

Sorry, i just want to know how to setup the font style of application menu.

Assuming you’re referring to a menu in the program, then this isn’t under FVWM’s control whatsoever – that’s the job of the widget set the application uses.

You want to google for ‘gtk theming’ and optionally look at the gtk-theme-switch2 program.

– Thomas Adam

Yes, My menu font in the program is too large, and how to change the menu font size, can you tell me how to do?


Look at a program named “gtk-chtheme”.
It’s a tool to do what you want. :wink:

gtk-chtheme tools is not found in my system, my system is gentoo

ryo@Gentoo ~ $ eix gtk-chtheme
* x11-themes/gtk-chtheme
     Available versions:  0.3.1
     Installed:           0.3.1
     Description:         GTK-2.0 Theme Switcher


thanks, my problem have be solved. and whether have a tool can setup the tool bar style, example, only icon or text and icon