How to show different font on Title

I now use Helvetica for displaying text on Title. But firefox and gaim have to show some chinese text on the Title, in this case the chinese charactors are shown as small rectangles since there is no corresponding glyph in Helvetica fons.

I want a configuration to use Helvetica font for english letter and Chinese font for chinese charactor. GTK+ can do it without any problem. How can I make FVWM to solve this problem?

Take a look at the 3rd post in this thread, gamedragon. Maybe this patch will help you to do what you want:


thanks, ozar.
But that is not what I want. That patch added a new feature “TitleFont” for menu. It makes the Title font of menu is different from menu font.
What I want is there are 2 fonts inside one string. For example, when I browse some asia website (in Chinese or in Japanese), there are both CJK characters, which is not included in English Font, and English letter. I want to use some English font (i.e. Arial) to render English Letters and use some CJK font (i.e. Simsum) to render CJK characters.
GTK+ done it automatically. I thought it is done by Pango and fontconfig. FVWM uses own encoding and font choosing system, is it possible to solve my problem?

As far as I know GTK doesn’t use two different fonts in the same string but just uses UTF-8 fonts by default…

Might want to try that with a font that supports all the UTF-8 characters you need of course…

I don’t know exactly how GTK+ manage the fonts, but when I set the font to Helvetica or Arial (it doesn’t include any CJK-characters), GTK+ also shows the CJK characters without any problem (of course, those charactors is shown in another fonts including CJK characters).
I thought GTK+ doesn’t manage the font by itself (seems Pango’s done this job). When a character is ready to render, Pango looks for available glyph in font-list until the correct glyph has been found.

OK, I think the picture is better to explain the problem.

There should be a way to do that using the DefaultFont command (I think,) but I haven’t been able to figure out exactly how to get it to use one font for one encoding and another font for the other encoding. So instead I’ve just been settling for one font to do both. (Or maybe my problem has to do with my locale settings…)

I have the AR PL KaitiM Big5 font that I’ve been using as the default font:

DefaultFont "xft:AR PL KaitiM Big5:size=12:encoding=iso10646-1"

You might be able to figure it out from the description in the man for fvwm. Based on the description, I thought that this would work, but it didn’t for mine:

DefaultFont "xft:AR PL KaitiM Big5:encoding=iso10646-1; xft:Helvetica:size=12:encoding=iso8859-1"

As an aside, I would really like AquaFont for my menus, but it screws up on some characters.

thank you, nix_newb
but it still doesn’t work.
If I use SimSum font, it contains all the encoding and glyphs, the font displays correctly. but that is not what I want, because the glyph of english letter in SimSun is ugly, I want to use another font (such as Arial) to render english letter.
As you said, to set 2 fonts that have different encoding in Default Font, but it seems only 1st encoding has been apply for taking glyph from font.

I think the developers of FVWM didn’t take such question into account.