How to toggle the WindowList?

Hi, this would be my first post here. I’m using fvwm 2.6.8. I would like to toggle the WindowList to open and close with the same key. I’ve tried the solutions on this page with no success:

Those examples involve windows and not menus, maybe that is the reason?

Hi @jsbmg

Welcome to the forums!

What you’re asking for is possible thanks to how fvwm treats keys in terms of their context. For example, if I wanted to have a key binding (Super + C) to open the WindowList. I’d do this:

Key C A 4 WindowList

To use the same key to close it, I can tell fvwm to consider the key if it’s on a menu, and close it, hence:

Key C M 4 MenuClose

So in your case, you need two bindings – one in the A context (anywhere) to open the WindowList, and another, with the M context to operate on menus.


That works great. Thanks!