How to vertically align a button to the bottom

Is there a way to vertically align a button to the bottom?

Looking through the man page for FvwmButtons, it only seems to list center align (default) or Top for top aligned. I feel there should be a bottom, but I can’t tell if the document is incomplete or if that one option does not exist.

Any chance someone can answer this one?

Make an image to understand what you aim to do.

Sorry, I have to make an image to have someone tell me if I can vertically align something to the bottom? Either a command exists or it doesn’t… right?!?

I rarely read documents or manpages, so I don’t know. Also, not much interested to know formulas and codes, but how things can be done, with different options. You have a different approach, hopefully, you get the answer.

What exactly do you want to do? FvwmButtons is an interesting but complex module. While flexible and powerful it has some limitations and sometimes one must do “weird stuff” to achive what one is looking for.

The options top and center, left and right only apply to the content of the button. This means that whatever the button contains (a swallow application, an icon or whatever…) Some swallow applications will ignore this, like most dockapps. You are correct: man pages does not mention bottom. One could asume there is a bottom option Did you tried? If this is not the case, then you could use geometry, depending on what you have in mind, or simply add some (or one) extra empty buttons to achive the ilution of whatever is bellow it is in the bottom.

If your goal is to have FvwmButtons on the bottom of the screen take a look at Geometry and/or ButtonGeometry Both options follows the X11 geometry standard.

I knon this is not an ideal answer, but as @rasat points out an image showing what you aim to do could be of help. FvwmButtons is basically a Grid Tool, and you can come up with really complex grids. Depending on your particular grid one could find different ways to solve the align issue.