Howto toggle decors from specific window ex. Opera9 widgets?

As u can see I use stonecrast greenv2 config and Opera 9.
as u can see the widget Touchthesky has a decoration.
Is there a way to toggle decorations to all opera widgets?

Thank u.

P.S.: this question is both here and Greenv2 config Thread.


Ascertain the widget’s properties via FvwmIdent or xprop(1) and do the same for Opera. If this “touch the sky” widget is indeed a child window of Opera, the class or at least the resource ought to be the same, hence you could match on that:

Style whatever !Title, !Borders, BorderWidth 0, HandleWidth 0

And read this:

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Thank u.

You are right. I thought that Stonecrest could give me a different answer.
BTW, thank u. :slight_smile: