I’ve done a new config which blends with the human gnome theme which I think Ubuntu uses or used by default. Not sure since I am not an Ubuntu user, but I kind of like the look of the theme.


Fvwm with the humanized config running gimp and urxvt. Different colors in the window decos show windows that are in different layers (red for layer 2, orange/white for layer 4, and green for layer 6). Gkrellm with the acqua graphite theme, gcolor2 and xclock. … anized.jpg

Config: … ed.tar.bz2

I will be hosting future revisions at, just look for files named “humanized-*”, the naming schema is based on the date of the snapshot, using %Y%m%d%H%M.


It features a look similar to these of the human theme. It also features xmonad-ish keybindings (modMask on the win key), because that’s what I’ve used lately and I didn’t feel like learning new bindings. It has not menus, just key and mouse bindings and dmenu which I use as an application launcher). The theme works ok with xinerama/twinview setups. You only need to edit the file and take a look at the first few lines to adjust the bar width and the offset (relative to the right-most limit of the screen). Mplayer is running fullscreen on the second monitor.

There are eight buttons on the titlebar, left to right: FvwmIdent, Iconify, Maximize, Close, Layer 2, Layer 4, Layer 6, Sticky. The mouse bindings should be evident enough once you understand the meaning of each button. You can also maximize with double click on the title or use the wheel over it to toggle shade. You can also use alt with buttons 1 and 3 to move and resize a window.

The bindings for the taskbar are the following: mouse 1 warps to the selected window, mouse 2 closes it, mouse 3 runs fvwmident on it.

As you can see on the screenshot, windows on different layers are colored on different ways so you can know which window is on which layer on a single view.

Some keybindings:

  • mod4 + s: toggle shaded
  • mod4 + w/e: warp to left or right of the display (this + sloppyfocus emulates the xmonad feature to switch the active screen, well, somewhat…)
  • mod4 + 1…6: gotopage
  • mod4 + shilft + 1…6: movetopage
  • mod4 + down/up/left/right: navigate pages
  • mod4 + tab: next in page
  • mod4 + shift + tab: prev in page
  • alt + tab: next
  • alt + shift + tab: prev
  • mod4 + return: urxvtc
  • mod4 + g: gimp
  • mod4 + c: open config in geany
  • mod4 + f: firefox
  • mod4 + p: dmenu launcher
  • mod4 + f: fvwmconsole
  • mod4 + v: ossxmix
  • mod4 + 0: invokes a script that composes a wallpaper using images from two separate dirs (one for each monitor, different resolutions) and set it
  • mod4 + q: restarts fvwm
  • mod4 + shift + q: close fvwm
  • mod4 + space: toggle maximize
  • mod4 + i: fvwmident
  • mod4 + f1…f3: layer 6, layer 4, layer 2
  • mod4 + f4: toggle sticky


Did you -really- mean to include some random .avi file in your tarball? No wonder it took a long time to download.

– Thomas Adam

I am very sorry about that. It was an accident of course. It should be fixed by now. The config is around 53 kb compressed.

Thanks for reporting, Thomas.