I cant get the "window key" of the keyboard workig


I added this to the .fvwm2rc:
to the AddToFunc InitFunction:

+ I Exec exec xmodmap $HOME/.xmodmaprc

Then, i call the window key + X via bindings, via:

Key X A 3 Exec exec aterm -tr

I got the nfo from the file .fvwm2rc:
www-i6.informatik.rwth-aachen.de … /fvwm.html

Thank you very much,

my .fvwm2rc @http://membres.lycos.fr/patrick295767/fvwm/

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May I ask what the content of that file is? This is most likely a problem with your keymapping, and not with fvwm.

Thank you for your reply first.

I checked and couldnt find the .xmodmap …

Indeed, as you said, key mapping:
I can post my .fvwm2rc :

Thank you

You might find the following of some use:

edulinux.homeunix.org/~n6tadam/f … ifiers.txt

– Thomas Adam

Thanks a lot Thomas for your help !

I managed to solve (almost) the problem in the other post with thumbail all …
I’ll write it after …
I cleaned a bit my .fvwm2rc, and is getting better …
Once it’s finished, it’ ll be available for fvwm users, in case they like it !
Maybe one can like …

So, in one day, great results with fvwm, lot of things have been changed and and …
I also have to do IRSSI … not yet much time

Sincerely & Greetings Thomas !