i3 in FVWM

Hello all,

Is it possible to run the tiling window manager i3 in just one of FVWMs virtual desktops?

That is: Say I have three virtual desktops “A”, “B” and “C”. I want to run i3 inside the virtual desktop called “A” only. Virtual desktops “B” and “C” should just be normal FVWM VTs.

Is that possible?

Why I ask this question: I think tiling window managers are bad at most tasks. I therefore prefere to use plain FVWM for most tasks, but tiling window managers are very good when it comes to terminal intensive tasks or programming. I would therefore like to start i3 in just one FVWM VT and be able to switch back and forth between i3 and normal FVWM without having to Lock out and in all the time.

Kind regards and thank

Try Xnest.

– Thomas –