icefvwm ( for theme sharing )

icefvwm, with theme manager (decor)
The idea is that users create their own decor (themes) for sharing.
Just drop your theme into /home/username/.fvwm/themes and it’s “installed” ! (easy like in icewm)
The theme selector is here : … lector.jpg
To load the theme (after seek & click), just select in this menu “load theme”

Here is the screenshot: … cefvwm.jpg
(shoot 2, with rounded corners and fluxbox appearance: … orners.jpg )
tar.gz of the config : … ger.tar.gz

The features:

  • click to focus windows
  • decor (fvwm theming)
  • icewm feelings (note that the taskbar are replaced by moveable & resizeable dockers !!)
  • as fluxbox, edgeresistance 0, only when dragging the windows
    - save/restore windows previous position of your windows (saved when you close them)
  • alt f1-f6 to go to the workspaces
    - windows key for edgeresistance = 0 (then it returns to edge resistance 1) (like in pekwm !)
  • windows key, for displaying the fvwmdocker as top layer (time, icon manager, …) then it returns to bottom layer (after few sec.)
  • window menu (saveposition, fullmax., toggle title, … )
    - window while moving windows, display the fvwm pager on top layer to know where you are going … :wink:
  • alt + mouse right / alt + mouse left for resizing and moving respectively (fluxbox feelings :wink: )
  • double click title bar to maximize and unmaximize
    - something as icewm : going to next/adjacent workspace , gives you focus of your last previous application (important point for appreciating the use of workspaces)

just replace the .fvwm folder into /home/username/
so that you have /home/username/.fvwm

Please do not hesitate to create your own decor and share it !! :slight_smile:

  • place your decor in .fvwm/themes/
    a/ as single .decor file
    b/ or as a file.decor + its foldernamefyourdecor (do not folder to set the setenv)
    an example of how it work, I would suggest to edit the /home/username/.fvwm/themes/patxp.decor

Enjoy !
Great thanks to all fvwm & thomas !
(mod of configs from this forum)

thank you very much…really appreciate your work…!