Icon pixmap not appearing when xpdf is iconized

I just set up fvwm on a new computer. Everything works fine except that when I minimize xpdf, the icon has only the program name and not the xpm image that comes with xpdf. No other application has this problem when I minimize to desktop, only xpdf. I put the xpdf.xpm file into /usr/share/pixmaps, which is in my ImagePath, and there are no errors that seem to pertain to this in .xsession-errors. I didn’t have this problem on my older system. I also tried including
Style xpdf IconOverride and
Style xpdf Icon xpdf.xpm
in .fvwm2rc, with no effect.

Can you put your config somewhere for me to see it?

Also, what version of FVWM are you running?

– Thomas Adam

Hi Thomas,
I give a URL with my config below. As for version, I was using 2.6.5 (from Ubuntu 16.04) but just downgraded to 2.5.30 (from Ubuntu 12.04) because of this annoying bug, bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugrepo … bug=726530, which is however unrelated to the current problem. There is no difference between the two versions as far as the icon issue goes. I have also noticed that fvwm ignores my specification of icon for xterm. Instead of using xterm.xpm it shows a replica of the actual window, including individual lines appearing on it. And now unaccountably, following some change I made to the config, I am finally getting an icon for xpdf, but not the right one, rather unknown1.xpm which is specified in line 30 of the config file, Style * Icon unknown1.xpm.
Here is the config file]http://www.physics.mcgill.ca/~jcline/fvwm-config[/url]. Thanks for your help!! --Jim