IconMan background color not honored when not holding an icon?

Hi, I’ve been working on this off and on for a while and while usually I can get to the bottom of these things, this one has me stumped.

My desire is to have an FvwmIconMan instance on the root window, and blend into the root window by taking on it’s color. I can force this color or have it transparent. Either is acceptable - I use a solid background. I’d prefer to use colorsets so the change is immediate when I switch themes.

My problem is, when there is no minimized window, the background of the icon area is gray, never a color I specify.

I trimmed down a minimal configuration file that demonstrates this. I’m using fvwm 2.6.6.

Exec xsetroot -solid "rgb:87/ce/fa"

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmIconMan

# Colorset config
Colorset 0 Foreground rgb:87/ce/fa, Background rgb:87/ce/fa
*FvwmIconMan: PlainColorset 0
*FvwmIconMan: IconColorset 0
*FvwmIconMan: FocusColorset 0
*FvwmIconMan: IconAndSelectColorset 0
*FvwmIconMan: SelectColorset 0

## Non-colorset config
#*FvwmIconMan: Foreground rgb:87/ce/fa
#*FvwmIconMan: Background rgb:87/ce/fa

*FvwmIconMan: ButtonGeometry 25x25
*FvwmIconMan: DontShow Class=FvwmIconMan
*FvwmIconMan: DrawIcons Always
*FvwmIconMan: Format ""
*FvwmIconMan: ManagerGeometry 10x1
*FvwmIconMan: ReliefThickness 0
*FvwmIconMan: ShowOnlyIcons True
*FvwmIconMan: Title ""

Style FvwmIconMan BorderWidth 1, HandleWidth 0
Style FvwmIconMan StaysOnBottom, NoHandles, NoTitle, Sticky

Module FvwmIconMan

#Style * Colorset 0
Style * NoIcon, MiniIcon mini-term.xpm

Mouse  1 I A Iconify Off
Mouse 0  4 A Iconify

I have the border set to 1 now just to aid in debugging and finding the window.
A non-colorset configuration seems to work, so I suspect there’s something in the colorset I’m not specifying correctly?

Can you open an issue for this on github, please?


– Thomas Adam

Thanks Thomas.