Icons for Title bar

Can someone tell me how to put icons in the title bar of windows? Can’t seem to find that anywhere in the documentation.

Clarify what you mean?

Maybe start here


Was wanting to put an application icon in the title bar. That would be in the upper left corner of the frame. Simply decoration, no function. Same icons you see in the menus.

You can setup one of the Buttons to use the MiniIcon, here is an example.


The MiniIcon is in the upper left of the window and acts as a button.

Thanks, thought there might be a quick statement to put something up there, it’s just a decoration, not worth doing much work for.

One other thing about the title bar, what statement do I use to display the class instead of the title in the text up there?

For all windows:

Style * TitleFormat %c

Or for a specific window, substitute * with the class, eg:

Style Firefox TitleFormat %c

Simple enough, thanks :slight_smile: