icons for windows in Pager and IconMan


i’m currently creating my own theme. and i ran into a little problem that i can’t figure out mysqlf it seems.

My prob is that most of the windows have no icon (only the window title) in the FvwmPager or FvwmIconMan but i want them to have one. Some application do have icons: Firefox, Thunderbird and Eclipse.
I use “Style * NoIcon” to suppress icons when windows are iconified - but as far as i understood the manpage this shouldn’t have an effect like this.

Can anyone give me a glue why there are no icons for so many windows?

thanks in advance

Those icons are part of the EWMH specification, and as it’s recent, many applications won’t support them. So what you’ll have to do, is set a style line for all apps you want MiniIcons for:

Style * MiniIcon foo.xpm

for instance.

– Thomas Adam

thanks that makes it clear … (",)