Icons on the desktop?

Are there some simple way to put a few icons on the dekstop or do I need to start/use the FvwmButtons?

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You can use an external programs to do this. Two that spring to mind are:




– Thomas Adam

I have this same question…
so I install, rox or Idek, or Nautilus (am I right?) and than
what to do, to have icon desktop starting with Fvwm?

and what with wallpaper? I understand, that wallpaper chanded from fvwm menu will no longer work…?

Depends on the program being used. I haven’t used Idesk, so you’ll have to consult its documentation although I would have assumed:

AddToFunc StartFunction I Exec exec idesk

As for rox-filer:

AddToFunc StartFunction I Exec rox -p mypinboard

Hmm? It won’t work with Rox-filer, since that just draws a window over the root-window – so you have to set the wallpaper from within Rox (there’s a Wallpaper applet that does that for you, IIRC.)

– Thomas Adam

I’m not sure about the wallpaper applet, but the set backdrop function when you rightclick on the desktop is really bad. It acts as if it sets a root image using an esetroot compatible program, but totally ignores to free the old image, if any, and does not set the root image at all. That mean that if you close the pinboard at a later time the background will be all wrong to root transparent window decorations.

I’ve got a patch tested with rox 2.2.0 (but it should work with any current later version as well) that makes rox use backgrounds set with an esetroot compatible application. It’s badly written, concidering te fact that it completely don’t care about the builtin ways of setting a backdrop, and thus won’t work if the pinboard has a backdrop setting, or the builtin backdrop tool is used.


Indeed. Ideally, the principles used from Rox 1.X were better in that the
pinboard was a transparent window, which meant that updating the root
window was possible – since you could actually see it, and use any number
of programs. I don’t know the specific details why it was dropped in Rox
2.X, but I suspect the use of GTK2 has a lot to do with it. :slight_smile:

(I don’t use rox-filer, for the record.)

– Thomas Adam