Now i’m getting to the complex part of it, the fun part 8) The one that makes it pretty.

I made a dock bar, but the icons i have are 256 pixels, and i want to fit them into the dock bar at 32 pixels. Is there a way to autoresize the icons so they fit in the dock bar and doesnt alter the original file?

i dont feel like “gimp & + resize image 32x32” all my icons…there must be a simple way to do it…

well, thx, even if there isnt (sux if there isnt :cry: )

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I’ve answered the same question some days ago here.

It’s not possible at the moment, so you’ll need to have different sizes of icons for different uses. It might be possible to script some kind of solution though, but it wouldn’t be easy to do so…

a simple way to resize icons is to use convert which comes with ImageMagick

for i in icons/*;
  mkdir 48x48; mkdir 24x24; mkdir 16x16
  convert $i -resize 16x16 16x16/$i;
  convert $i -resize 24x24 24x24/$i;
  convert $i -resize 48x48 48x48/$i;

This will make three sizes of all the icons found in the icon directory.

i love you man :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: