if any easy way to get icons of applications.

when i use iconbox, and iconity those windows, a icon displayed for each window. i want get those icon’s filename.

the miniicon is easy to use, like those.

but can not get the filename of those icons.

i try _NET_WM_ICON, but always return “0”, not null.
$[w.iconfile] always return

I’ve answered this before:


(Sorry this reply was such a long-time coming – I have been very busy.)

– Thomas Adam

yes, i had used xprop to see those informations, and the embedded picture can not export to a file through simple bash. i thought it must called within some C function. but maybe slow down the process.

now i used a index file to found associate picture of those applications, for each new application i simply use “locate” to found a fit picture. this way can quickly display thumbnail with app’ icon over it.

thanks, thomasadam. :laughing: