I'm looking for a config for Lynucs screenshot...


I am looking for the config and anything else related to it(I believe all the icons were tracked down by someone in #fvwm on freenode) to this screenshot or ones like it. I have tried leaving a comment hoping the author would leave a message but I have not been able to as it seems Lynuc’s comment mechanism is broken. I have searched high and low for this but no luck! :frowning:

Anyways, if you’re lucky enough to know the author, be the author, or have the config… do make a noise on this thread.

Thanks everyone :smiley:

I agree, that config would teach me a LOT of cool stuff!

It seems to use a lot of the stuff that’s in pem’s config. Might be worth taking a look at :slight_smile:

Yeah, it does seem to take inspiration from pem’s work…

I think the borders on thumbnails are from a gdesklets (duh… I know) and he probably just took the gkrellm theme graphics and adapted them for his two bars on the top and bottom of his screen… so I think I’ll start there

P.S. I cannot for the life of me get XOrg 6.8.2 and Composite to work :confused: so shadows are probably not going to make an appearance until I upgrade to XOrg 6.8.9 or something

The cool Firefox icons in that are from a package called Firefox2005.
Check out this screenshot on this post. It is near the middle i think. I haven’t been able to find ALL of the Firefox2005 set but I’ve found a few and you don’t need to look really because they are all in jtan’s tarball. Hope that helps!

Thanks timmy!

I finally found a gdesklets package with the graphic I suspect is being used in the screenshot, also I think I was incorrect in presuming the shadows were from COMPOSITE in X… they are obviously part of the png I found. You can find the png here, in the package http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org/categories.php?func=gd_show_app&gd_app_id=100
or here, on flickr ;D

I think I can clean the image up though… there are a number of things wrong with it in my opinion.

Back to the shadows though, as you can see it’s a part of that image, so, Im getting the idea that he just made images that had the shadows in them for each specific part of his config, and then he layed things on top of these, like some OS X clone confs have done to put system monitors etc on their OSX top bar

One thing is for certain, I like that glass look… I think I will be turning out a conf with a glass look after I clean my current one up for posting here.

That could be, because weboso made no set. I hunt them down when waddletron2k asked in #fvwm, but maybe it helps someone else…








His gallery:

Very cool man! Thanks!


P.S. gdesklets are a resource hog.

Even with pictures taken from gdesklets, i don’t understand how he’s able to have thumbnails like that ! Could someone explain me ?

I havent looked so deep into pems stuff, because I preffers simpler things, but I think that can be easily done by composing the icon, the thumbnail and the glassy desklet picture with some modifications in any of the fast thumbnailing C sources using imlib2 that there are into these forums.

EDIT: Or using one of the C sources here to make the thumbnails and then compose with the glass image using imagemagick, wich will be, without any doubt, slower.

I’m not sure if he’s using compose with image magick… notice in the shot there are different sized thumbnails. I don’t know how he might automatically expand or scale the image to accomadate each thumbnailed window. Anyone?

ImageMagick can resize, tint, colorize, compose and whatever you want. Its a full featured image manipulation suitte. Im not an expert on im, though, so I will not go into details… :wink: For info see, for example “man convert”.

when I’m not feeling lazy(thanks alot lunchtime!) I will write out some bits of config to memic the behavior seen in the screen shot for the folks in the audience ;D

also, apparently the transparency craze was started by longhorn and it’s Aero glass stuff and then later picked up by GNOME themers, making it’s way to gdesklets eventually I guess… well it is pretty darn cool, my own config with glass is coming soon

Hmm, there used to be an Enlightenment glass theme, I used it years ago (Gnome 2 and KDE 2 weren’t ever released yet), was pretty darn nice :slight_smile:

:smiley: !!!

Thanks for posting! :smiley: