I'm searching for a Japanese icon set...

I’m a new user, and i’searching for an icon japanese/Chinese icon set like this:
fabthedude.free.fr/fvwm/screensh … _video.mpg

Like the video on “Chwombat” in “Some configs” topic.

I want that jap or chn icons…

Please tel me how i find that!

Thanks :smiley:

The name of the icon theme is “Pixel Feng Shui”
You can find the original version of it here: homepage.mac.com/pixelpressicons/

Thanks a lot Enzo.

But how do i open dmg files in linux? or in win?


Maybe you can try to mount it:

 mount -t hfs -o loop <image file> <mount point>


mount -t hfs -o loop PP-PixelFengShui.dmg /media/mac
wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock in /dev/loop0 ....

Any other ideas??

What does the “file” command tell you about it?

– Thomas Adam

I’m working now.
I tell you at 13:00 when i come back home

$file PP-PixelFengShui.dmg
$PP-PixelFengShui.dmg: VAX COFF executable not stripped - version 3886