Implement Metacity "Windows Border" from the art.g


Has someone already worked out to implement Metacity “Windows Border” from the art.gnome ?

It could be cool to download the window border theme from the eg: and to make use of the quick decor switching.

I am already using the dorothy’s like decor-switching(
, and I am working on implementing these metacity windows border decors.

(Sorry for the non-exact fvwm terms, thomas)

Thank you,


(ah, sorry, too late, I just saw that in ‘Decors-Bindings’ my thread would be better place, sorry)
(0:05 thanks thomas for the move to the right place)

Sorry for the belatedness of this reply – I’ve been very busy.

Can you point me at a specific example? I suspect it is possible. I can’t say for sure until I see an actual example.

I don’t care, so long as your meaning is portrayed across.

– Thomas Adam