"{}", "|", "$" in FvwmScript

I want to use awk/shell script lines in FvwmScript. The problem is with curly braces.
awk -F ‘foo’ ‘{ print $2 }’
foo=“foo”;echo ${#foo}

Put them in an external script first.

– Thomas Adam


I also found this solution:

Set $leftCB = (GetOutput {printf "\173"} 1 -1) Set $rightCB = (GetOutput {printf "\175"} 1 -1) Set $exec = {var="foo";echo $} $leftCB {#var} $rightCB Set $res = (GetOutput $exec 1 -1)

I still haven’t found solutions for vertical line and dollar sign.
I can’t use “|” in variables or from external files.
For dollar I can add an whitespace after it.