include own tool to the pager


can i include a own tool (maybe python-script or c-binary) to the pager?
sth like:

*FvwmButtons: (Frame 2, Swallow(UseOld,NoHints,Respawn) "xtool" `Exec exec tool`)

i tried a few things, but couldn’t include it to the pager…


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If that app or script creates an X window it should just work ™ like with any other window, you just need to make sure you get the window class/name right…

i try to integrate a small python-script:

[code]#!/usr/bin/env python
from Tkinter import *

date = Tk()
date.label = Label(master=date,bg=‘white’,text=‘Ola’)

and to include this in the pager with:

*FvwmButtons: (2x1, Frame 2, Swallow(NoOld,NoHints,Respawn) "fvmwDate" `Exec exec fvmwDate`)

fvwm starts up the program, but do not insert it to the buttons-widget.
it starts in top/left side of the desktop.

thx, toni.

You can’t just expect FVWM to know what you’re talking about. The matching hangon in your FvwmButtons configuration actually means something, and isn’t there for the aesthetics. You need to set the window’s title from within your Tk application:


Also, in the above – I would have thought you meant:

Exec exec fvwmDate

As opposed to your spelling of:


No wonder nothing works.

– Thomas Adam


another problem was the


that hides the title-bar.

now it works, thx.

That would have been tricky to identify, given your code-snippets. In future, try and be a little more precise, please.

I don’t like guessing games.

– Thomas Adam