individual menu-item background/foreground colors

Would you like this feature?

  • Yes, this would be great
  • No, why would I ever need this?

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The possibility to individually specify bg/fg colors
for menu-items. I have a menu with xterms which
have differing bf/fg color-combinations, and would
like to color (dynamically, if possible) the menu-items
according to the color of the xterm.


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Yes, I’m all for it!
Guess I have to be, since it was my suggestion – I think somehow
I forgot to login.


Yup, my bad, normally one shouldn’t be able to post without logging in, but I added this forum later and forgot to set the options right :blush:

About the idea you’re proposing: I already saw some patches float about that do exactly this, but I can’t remember where…

Is such a function or a patch available?
I haven’t found none. Need this function badly…

Edit: And/or maybe things like bolded or italicized font, too?