Installing FVWM on Debian.

I tried to install FVWM on Debian using

apt-get install fvwm

Everything went fine. But then when I logged in to FVWM, there was nothing there.
When I clicked, I did not get the options that I used to get on other distros, which had FVWM Pre installed.

I thought I was missing something, so I searched for FVWM in Synaptic, and tried to install everything that came up.

I now have FVWM-GNOME installed on my computer. Synaptic automatically removed the other versions that were conflicting.
Also, I am installing FVWM from the Debian CDs and not from the Internet.

Sadly, I cannot post a screenshot of my FVWM System.
Whenever I click on the Setup Form option (that I get on the menu activated upon clicking on the desktop) I just see a form but the text on it is nothing but gibberish!

Please help me…This is my first encounter with FVWM.
You can consider my understanding level …above Newbie. :slight_smile:

Also, I added some more stuff after reading some more on the Internet.

I did a

apt-get install xserver-xfree86

and apt-get picked up some packages from the Internet (from

Please run
fvwm-config -i
and tell us what you get.

That’s not really going to tell us much. Debian doesn’t ship with a default
.fvwm2rc file, as the user is encouraged to make their own via FvwmForm-Setup.
I’ve raised this with the maintainer of the package several times, to no

I would get the default fvwm2rc created from this form, and edit things from

– Thomas Adam