international - mod

Another fvwm config…

will link it here as soon as I uploaded it. :wink:

Wow, very nice ! I love it ! :smiley:

Great work! I like the way everything fits together!
I think there will be a new fav on da in the near future… :wink:


looks great!

Very nice and interesting in the concept.

Thanks to you :slight_smile:


Looks great as always :slight_smile:

can you post your config?

Lazy me…

I haven’t posted on here in a while. I haven’t used fvwm in a very long time, but I installed it on my laptop just to give your config a try. Its working great except for the wallpaper and the iconified windows functions :frowning:.

Any suggestions on how to fix these? The wallpaper doesn’t change and the windows don’t minimize into thumbnails.

look for errors … im sure its some app missing, like imagemagick or xwd something like that . you may need to install it .

try a startx to a diferent tty and look for the errors on the log.

As mascanho already said you need imagemagick for the wallpaperbrowser & iconify to work.