Invalid module path...

I installed fvwm to my home dir since I do not have root privlidges by doing ./config --prefix=/path/to/my/home && make && make install

and it is installed ok but fvwm is look for modules in /usr/local/libexec/fvwm/2.5.14 but local is under $HOME and not /usr. How can I change this, should I try recompiling the source code?

Odd. FVWM changes the modulepath via installation — do you have a ModulePath line in your .fvwm2rc file? Indeed, as a hack, you could try doing the following to your .fvwm2rc:

ModulePath $[HOME]/wherever

– Thomas Adam

I’ll give that a go aswell as attempting a fresh configure and recompile to see if either helps next time I am in the lab.

Oh ps i meant ./configure not ./config in my original post code snippet :slight_smile:

Adjusting that variable should give you access to your modules. Thought this is odd as Thomas Adam said. I would suggest you to recompile fvwm, since it is an easy task and will take only five minutes.

As a general rule you can always use “./configure --prefix=/home/whoami” to make fvwm install into your home or any prefix, other than /usr or /usr/local. That should take care of all the path related problems, Just make sure that your “make install” as a normal user, and after that, make sure that you are running your local copy of fvwm, and not any other that might be installed.


Just a little correction:

Not quite, just because /home is common, it’s by no means “always” correct. And also the homedirectory might not exactly match the username postfix.

$HOME fits in all non-pathological cases and is also easier to type.