Is fvwm double buffered or not?

No matter how rarely I update text through fvwmscript I end up seeing some flickering from time to time when it updates. It reminds me of when I tried to make a rendering engine without double buffering.
So my question is: Is fvwm or more specifically fvwmscript updates double buffered?

There was some discussion of this issue here:

So no, no double buffering AFAIK.

A follow-up comment:

In my own setup, I have two separate bars:

  1. A tint2 bar for icon/message updates (e.g., RAM, battery, and date/time) that are clock-based.

  2. A FVWM bar for icon/message updates (e.g., volume, luminosity, etc.) that depend on key presses (e.g. volume up/down, luminosity up/down) or window input.

Thus, I combine the best of both worlds :-). The tint2 bar is clock-based and does not flicker because tint2 is double-buffered. The FVWM bar is not double-buffered but does not flicker, because its content is updated only in response to keyboard or window events.