Is it possible to dump the active configuration?

I’m still new, still messing around. I’m wondering how to see exactly what my currently active configuration is. For example, locally, our main configuration is system.fvwm2rc. It contains this function augmentation: [code]AddToFunc MoveOrRaise

  • C Raise
  • M Raise
  • M Move
  • D Lower
    [/code] with no corresponding DestroyFunc command, so it’s possible there are some other actions in that function. In addition, I don’t see a Mouse 1 command tied to that function. It’s either already bound by default, or I’m barking up the wrong tree thinking that modifications to that function will have any effect.
    So, I would like to dump the currently active configuration. In my menu hierarchy, I saw FVWM2 Menu->Modules (Advanced Users Only)->Config Being a novice user, I naturally ignored the warning and selected it. Nothing happened that I could tell. I then tried “man -k Fvwm”. I saw lots of other Fvwm* commands, but not FvwmConfig. Google search for “FvwmConfig” also turned up nothing. I did find fvwm-config, but it seems to mostly be a helper program to run within your config file.

So, is there a way to dump the currently active configuration?


Default fvwm has some functions and bindings already builtin. From the manpage…

[code]The following commands are built-in to fvwm:

Key Help R A Popup MenuFvwmRoot
Key F1 R A Popup MenuFvwmRoot
Key Tab A M WindowList Root c c NoDeskSort
Key Escape A MC EscapeFunc
Mouse 1 R A Menu MenuFvwmRoot
Mouse 1 T A FuncFvwmRaiseLowerX Move
Mouse 1 FS A FuncFvwmRaiseLowerX Resize
Mouse 2 FST A FuncFvwmRaiseLowerX Move
AddToFunc FuncFvwmRaiseLowerX

  • I Raise
  • M $0
  • D Lower[/code]FuncFvwmRaiseLowerX is already bound to Mouse 1 - could that explain your problem? As for how to dump your config, I don’t know…