Is that possible, smart dynamicly titlebar Arrangement

“smart dynamicly titlebar Arrangement”:
default, every window have not titlebar, when cursor move to window border,
“smart titlebar” will calculate which side of window is closest to cursor,
then, set titlebar in there, when cursor leave, the titlebar will be hiden

Drew a simple diagram:

I am a one week beginer of fvwm, just learn some configration of fvwm, lack skill of fvwm script,
but I want to know, Whether fvwm script can do that? :confused:

No. There’s no way to do it exactly like this. Perhaps see:

Which is about as good as I can suggest.

– Thomas Adam

thanks Thomas,
two weeks ago, I had wanted to double Title for one window, but it is impossible,
then I planed the smart dynamic title,
after read this link
I figure out , no longer need title,I hiden the title bar(! Title), set BorderWidth 12, then, one window has 4 title bars(the border) :smiley: , and the window also can be shaded in four direction, disadvantage of this setting, it is difficult wrote some information on Border.

thanks again!