Is there a book about FVWM?



I’ve been wanting to write one for years, and my alleged co-author has since moved on. But if anyone wishes to put me forward to someone like No Starch Press, please do so – I am still very much interested in this.

– Thomas Adam

I suppose the other question to ask is: What was it you were looking for in the first place, and why do you think a book would help you? What would you want to see?

– Thomas Adam

It would be nice if anyone, not necessarily the original poster, responded to this, so I can assess whether or not it’s worth my time — I would very happily write such a book if I knew the interest is there.

– Thomas Adam

A book, or an Fvwm Wiki would be excellent.

Unfortunately, I’m in no way qualified to help you write it.

I don’t need help with it – and there’s already a FVWM wiki (

But thanks anyway.

– Thomas Adam

I get a proxy error with that link; but could be an issue with our network.

I was just about to edit my response, Wiki wasn’t what I meant. I was thinking of an online publication like this:

There is certainly no shortage of online references for Fvwm, but most of it appears to be 3 or more years old.

So? Not everything changes with age. List examples of this though and I will correct the article.

– Thomas Adam

Sorry, don’t have specifics for you; however, from reading through the threads on this forum it appears to me that features have been added while others are depricated (FvwmWharf?). Am I mistaken in thinking that?

Having a current, accurate, reference available would be ideal.

Right – so your preceptions are in question. FvwmWharf hasn’t been deprecated yet, although I wish it would be – it’s so similar to FvwmButtons that FvwmButtons does everything FvwmWharf can and more.

The manpages? Ask me?

– Thomas Adam

The man pages are excellent, your availability in this forum excellent, and I refer to the Beginners Guide ( all the time. However, where is the reference to get from the Beginners Guide to, say, Fvwm-Crystal.

We can go around and around on this for quite while, but geting back to your original (quoted and bold) question, suffice it to say:

If you write it, I will read it. If it’s for sale, I’ll probably buy it.

It would be a major undertaking, but ultimately the decision is yours.

I believe a book on fvwm is a great idea! From the perspective of the inexperienced user, I would like the book to include explained examples on how to create some configurations for certain purposes. My ideal would be a book that goes step by step creating a fvwm desktop, introducing the concepts as you are building it.

For example, one section could be: multiple desktops. This chapter could include the options involved in creating multiple desktops, xinerama, how to have different menus in each desktop, example of functions that can be used,… Following the chapter, you end up with a configuration for multiple desktops and some examples of functions that you could use with it.

I am mentioning multiple desktops because this is how I was captured by fvwm: being able to create different menus on each desktop. At the time I was using WindowMaker, where you can have icons for different applications on each desktop. Instead of opening menus you just go the specific desktop (i.e. ‘network’ desktop) where you have your network applications. I could not find another window manager that was able to do this natively without adding external applications.

Identifying tasks where fvwm has advantages over other window managers and introducing the concepts while creating the configuration would make my fvwm dream’s book. :smiley:


Yes – building a concept up by example was always the intention. Something “x1134” didn’t do was post my subsequent replies to his list (the discussion originally took place via email) however it’s not that problemtatic.

I am unable to push this further — I need a co-author to make this viable.

– Thomas Adam

Re: co-author. Have you asked Dominik? To me, that would seem like the most obvious choice.

He doesn’t have the time.

– Thomas Adam

Books (or e-books) are great use.

I myself, just starting of with FVWM, was thinking about this. I’m planning to document my desktop myself. I’m configuring it now, scribling notes. The when I do have something running I’m going to launch my stuff on my family domain, updating as I go.

Being a software consultant (and trainer) I do know what people would like in their tutorial documentation and what to put in documentation of new stuff. Man pages are fine to read, but I also like to see code with a example. I do this in my training manuals and release notes too.

If someone needs help to do it, I’m willing to offer time since its also a learning for me and fun to do. Though, let me fire up my own fvwm first :slight_smile:

Thanks, but the question was more rhetorical. I only have a few people I would consider as co-authors, since its the knowledge about FVWM I am more keen to utilise.

– Thomas Adam