Is there internationalization info anywhere?

Hi guys. Is there any place or any way I can check what characters encodings are supported by fvwm?

Some time ago I was wondering how to properly display accented character like “á” and such in the fvwm menus. It seemed that nodoby knew about the topic so I kept trying and found that this was the way:

MenuStyle * Font "xft:Comic Sans MS:size=10:bold:encoding=iso8859-15"

Well, one day I ripped off my root menu, since in the layout that I had the latest months I did not need it at all. But now I tried to reimplant it again (I had it in another file just in case). Now the accents did not display. All the multibyte characters where messed up again. After some researching, playing with fonts, changing encodings and so much crappy things I found that now this is the way it works:

MenuStyle * Font "xft:Comic Sans MS:size=10:bold:encoding=iso10646-1"

Does anyone have a clue wtf is happening here? Is there any place where I can find updated internationalization info? Maybe how to see what the supported encodings are… I have really looked around, and googled, and ran across the huge gentoo forums threads, but I could find nothing relevant.

FVWM really doesn’t do anything, other than to make use of the font you supply for whatever it internally has to draw (menus, for instance.) Ultimately, the rest of the information, comes from your locale settings (where applicable).

– Thomas Adam

I know that fvwm does not take care of all the localization internally, what I cant understand is why I have now to change the localization in fvwm (well, it is working now, so, is not really a problem but im curious). I always used utf8 where i can, and iso8859-1/15 where i cant use utf8. I continue using these settings system-wide defined.

Compile glibc with:


And my local has always been:


Some months ago fvwm worked ok by specifying the encoding as iso8859-15, now it does not. And I have to change it to: iso10646-1. Im pretty sure that the localization and the glibc of my system havent changed in these months, because I did not reinstall my system or anything, and all the changes to the system files are made for me by hand.

The only things that I can think of is:

1.- Something changed in one of the new fvwm releases.
2.- Maybe, an update to glibc has something to do here.

As I said, im just curious, for now the problem is solved.