It seems that the FvwmTaskBar could't be transparent?

My f_taskbar is :

And it’s NOT transpartent. When I changed it to:

It looks somehow like it’s transparent, but indeed the fonts of the taskbar looks very bad.
Anybody could give me some adverse?

Yours truely,Terry lai :slight_smile:

(20051111): Moved to Basic Questions. Can you please try and make more effort to categorise your questions, please? This has nothing to do with screenshots, or configs.

– Thomas Adam[/color]

Well, I wonder why that is? Oh, yes, you’re making up a syntax of your own, way to go.

Unless you’re using some antiquated FVWM version (say 2.2.X) the “correct” syntax is:

ModuleAlias: option value

So your question is what? That it’s not transparent, or the fonts look bad? Either way, you need to read the main FVWM FAQ, which you can find here:

Adverse? No, no, dear boy. You mean “advice”. I know it’s belated, but it seems as though no one else could be bothered to answer you.

– Thomas Adam