japio's cfg

Here’s a screenshot of my cfg… it’s not complete, i’m still working on it, but everytime I make something, it bores me after a week so i’m thinking of changing it to another color or something…

i’ll post the cfg soon

it doesn’t have very special features. The original theme is from mntoe, from guistyles.com, and then I changed almost everything, all the pixmaps and windeco’s are selfmade:D

almost forgot, i’m using conky on the rootwindow, it’s a torsmo clone but with some neat features, cfg’s are included when I post the cfg

Here it is


Very nice buttons :slight_smile:

You said it :slight_smile:

I’m already busy with another theme, which I’m writing from scratch. There won’t be any further development of this theme…

btw you can find the icons at deviantart: